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About Astadala


Traveling is simply one of the hottest global trends, where the economy and mainly the technology in communication and transportation have grown rapidly.

Traveling abroad does not difficult and expensive anymore, where only the privileges can afford in the past. It undeniably transforms our perspective and behavior towards traveling and lifestyle from the past 50 years.

We travel with various reasons; the urge to explore new beautiful places, discovering exotic cultures, craves new taste buds adventure, or simply visit the people we loves or just another business trip. Driven by this kind of diversified intent and huge demand, travel becomes a highly lucrative industry that has many opportunities to offer.

Seeing much potential, with the distinct spirit of hospitality, Astadala Hospitality is very keen to tap into this global trend and actively contribute to cater the needs in travel destination. Astadala Hospitality commenced in one of the most worldwide popular Island of Bali, mainly creates and develops the distinct concept of accommodation and its auxiliary services and facilities. One of Astadala main concepts is “Serenity in Balinese hospitality” which leads worldwide travelers to enjoy Bali to the fullest.

Astadala Services

  • We assist to plan, design, and brand of accommodation products such as; villas, resorts, hotels, and its auxiliary products and services.
  • We assist to conduct product research and development to create the best guest experience. Also, we help to develop and train the human capital to deliver professional service excellence.
  • We assist to manage efficient and effective daily hospitality business operations. Besides, we provide the operational, sales, and marketing oversight to meet measurable business goals and objectives.

Why Astadala

  • We design and develop our products and services to satisfy the latest market demand by applying some key branding concepts as follows:
    – We strive to develop a homey and comfy stay environment while highlight contemporary style in property design.
    – We create accessible, appointed, and efficient facilities as well as amenities to cater guest comfort and needs.
    – We committed to deliver full-cycle professional yet personalized service to the guest from reservation, stay, check-out, and beyond when necessary.
  • We work, develop, and grow with the best professional people with genuine, happy, and caring spirit in hospitality.
  • We actively participating onto community and environment initiative, and maintain positive reputation in the local community.

Astadala Missions

  • To create memorable and unique experience to our valuable guest, delivered by genuine, happy, and caring employee.
  • To build a work-life harmony and promise profitable relationship to partners.

Astadala Core Values and Commitmens

  • We act with integrity
    We promote integrity through; our respect to individuals, clearly communicating expectations, the consistency and fairness in our actions. This integrity obviously permeates into all of our actions.

  • We believe achievement
    Astadala committed to provide training, support, and growth opportunities to all team members, which is to ensure a rewarding, satisfying, and promising future.

  • We create teamwork
    We work as a team in all levels. We recognize each team player contribution to the team’s success by their commitment, competence, readiness, effort, and determination.

  • We committed to the excellence
    We committed our best in everything we do, strive to professional excellence by exceeding expectations, and distinguishing ourselves through superior performance.

  • We embrace innovative growth
    We foster the culture, where independence of thought and personal strengths are valued, where team members are recognized for their passion, motivation, creativity, and tenacity. We encourage innovative thinking that promotes beneficial change to individual and company.

  • We care to the quality
    We plan, develop, maintain, as well as improve our products and services quality and performance.
  • We maintain reputation and morale
    We commit to build and maintain the morale and good reputation of company and all of its units.

  • We strive to success
    We believe that success is not only about the achievement, but also a learning process behind the accomplishment of Astadala family.

Astadala Working Culture

  • Action Oriented
  • Sense of Caring and Belonging
  • Treat Everyone Equally with Courtesy
  • Attentive to Guests Needs and Satisfaction
  • Delivering Our Promises
  • Attention to Details
  • Long Lasting Business and People Development
  • Adopt Balinese Hospitality for Highest Quality of Service and Product

Astadala People

Astadala strives to find the outstanding talents with strong commitment, highly motivated, caring and positive attitude, attention to details, and highly adaptable. At Astadala, the hiring process truly determines the way of finding the right talents who will be responsible to deliver Astadala products and services in excellence.

Quality and performance of our talents are maintained and improved by managing a day-to-day intensive training that designed for optimizing the workflow, communication, productivity, and problem solving skill. Those are accomplished such as by; sharing sessions, product knowledge update, workshops, and continuously optimize the application of Astadala Working Culture on daily basis to strengthen our self-confidence in achieving the performance excellence.

Astadala also puts its high interest and determination in creating a positive working environment, for better employee satisfaction, and where individual potentials could grow optimally and adequately recognized.

Astadala Genuine Hospitality

Astadala unites the distinct value and exotic quality of Balinese culture into its Balinese hospitality concept. The core spirit of Astadala Hospitality shares full of genuine caring and friendliness to ensure you to have the memorable stay experience. At Astadala premises our guest are surrounded by people who truly care.

We committed to looking after every level of yours. No matter your preference, you will treasure the simple pleasures, the serenity, and the genuine spirit of Balinese hospitality. Astadala provides a safe, secure, and dependable environment to value your privacy with the utmost respect and guard your confidentiality during stay. You are ensured to fully enjoy your stay with confidence. All those little touches that Astadala strive to delivers every day.

Need Assistance?

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Customer Service

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